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Evolution Clutch Basket Assemblies-’07 to Present Big Twin & M8

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Part Number 1006-3165 – 46 Tooth Complete Stage-1 Clutch Basket Assembly
Fits: 2007 to Present Big Twin Incl. M8 models(Also ’06 Dyna) [Cable]


SKU: YCC-1006-3165 Category:


Did you upgrade your cam or go for big bore kit in your bike? Then you should definitely be thinking about beefing up your clutch assembly. Evolution Industries has got you covered. Their complete clutch basket assembly is designed to hold that power! Choose your correct clutch fitment either Cable or Factory Hydraulic.

Fits: 2007-Up Harley Big Twin Touring/Softail/Dyna and M8 Touring/Softail

  • Complete Clutch Basket Assembly
  • Comes assembled with Blue “Medium” Coil springs.
  • Designed to fit 46 Sprocket Tooth Count
  • Available for either Cable or Hydraulic Clutch style
  • 2011 to Present Big Twin kits utilize the ’07-’10 wide bearing for better durability and support.
  • For High Output Engines (160+HP), upgrade to Evolution Industries Red Heavy Duty Coil Springs

NOTE: Some models may require the Outer Primary ribs partially removed for proper fitment, inspect for contact prior to final install.

** NOTE –  One piece clutch cable or auto adjust delete is recommended for all M8 models. **  **After-market clutch levers may cause issues with adjustment on hydraulic & cable clutches due to the lever changing the pull ratio. **

**NOTE: 49 Tooth Baskets –  Changing your primary gearing will affect cruise control operation, speedometer calibration and indicator light functions on most models. To correct this you will need a “tattoo” style ECM tuner such as Dyno-Jet Power vision, TTS Master tune, V&H Fuel pack 3 or a Thunder Max ECM. “Piggy-back” tuners will not work, nor will the Harley-Davidson Race/Super Tuner. Please contact the manufacturer of your tuner for the proper settings needed for your particular model and gearing change.

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