About Mike

I started riding motorcycles at the ripe age of 7 years old. From this point I progressed into racing motocross and stadium supercross. Later on once I realized I had to come up with a career choice I joined the trades union. I accumulated licenses as a steamfiller, plumber,gas fitter and pipe welding. I then realized I left my passion for motorcycles behind and realized I was missing an opportunity in this field as this is where my heart was.

I then went back to school to achive my red seal certificate for Motorcycle Technician License. Once completed I built my own shop and started Yurko Custom Choppers similar to the Dewalt Corporate Chopper. Now Yurko Custom Choppers is a full V twin performance motorcycle shop producing many excellent custom rides.

Check out our gallery, We will be uploading many more custom bikes comingsoon..
I would like to thank S&S Cycles. With such a great product and continued support, Yurko Custom Choppers will be able to serve the Canadian customers for all S&S Cycles sales and local installations in the GTA area for years to come.

Thanks to George for the opportunity, as it has helped Yurko Custom Choppers get to where we are today.